Welcome to 3Direct Medical Central

The Company

3Direct Medical Central is a private medical and health information company based in Highland Park, Illinois, USA. We have been providing health care information to hospitals and nursing homes in northern Illinois since 1990 through our other divisions.

Since 1999 we have expanded our on-line information services to consumers where we provide information on all health care practitioners, hospitals, geriatric care, and rehabilitation providers nationwide.

Our Mission Statement

Provide the most current and detailed Internet-based integrated health information system on health care providers to allow consumers and professionals to make informed provider choices.

Leverage the power of the Internet to facilitate health information transfers to make the United States health care delivery system more efficient and effective.

Provide cost-effective solutions to help practitioners and facilities deliver the proper care to their patients.

Provide a cost-effective means for pharmaceutical companies and medical and health industry suppliers to target consumers and professionals for their products.

Provide a cost-effective means for health care providers, both individuals and facilities to advertise their capabilities and services to increase their business.

For the Consumer

3Direct Medical Central provides detailed listings and services of all health care resources in the USA. Our database is not restricted to only those who advertise with us.Searches can be performed based on geographic area and specific services desired. Geographic criteria can be a state, metro area, city, county, zip code, or area code. For example, seekers can search for hospitals based on detailed specialities and programs; nursing homes based on special units and services, and physicians, dentists, chiropractors and alternate medicine providers based on specialities and specific services they offer or perform. Additional health care resources are being added on a continuing basis.

For the Health Care Professional

We offer a variety of professional products for the all sectors of the medical and health market. Details are in the Product and Service pages.

Our Medical Content Sources

We are building a patent-pending disease and disorder search engine that will display the specific physician specialist(s) needed to treat a specific disorder.

Our disease and disorder content is from two sources:

Developed internally by our in-house M.D. staff, and peer reviewed by our M.D. physician advisers.
Extracted from the National Institute of Health (NIH) web site and reorganised and reformatted by our in-house M.D. staff to our requirements.
We have an outside review panel of practising professionals that peer review all data: one Internal Medicine M.D., one Emergency Medicine M.D., and one Orthopedic Surgeon M.D.

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Are you a Potential Strategic Partner?

We are always looking for strategic partners who have medical or health content, who have specific needs, or who want to sponsor us, like our recent sponsors Castle Finance, Carey London Ltd and Simply Removals.

Companies or individuals who have unique medical or health content.
Companies who would like to co-develop Internet applications.
Companies who are looking ahead 3 to 5 years for new health and medical applications.

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